Updates on the home automation project

As it has been a while since my last update I thought I would explain where I am with the project.

I have just finished the prototype design for the accessory control boards and ready to send it off to get it fabricated. More information will follow soon.

Software is now the key concern that needs some work. The HLOS that was initially picked for the interface panels has been nothing but trouble to build. I am still holding out hope that the issues building will be resolved soon. For the accessory control boards the RTOS chosen for the task will be revealed along with the first prototype test results.

Work has also begun on the wider web infrastructre, an API for app communication with remote access, and to power our website. The API will be well documented so that third party app developers can use it. Further information will be made available when I unveil the new website.

The last thing that I am focusing on at the moment is rebranding. UHA was never meant to be a permanent name, and the time has come to replace it with something more meaningful.


If your selection was something else leave your suggestion in the comments. Any that stand out and aren't already trademarks will be added to the poll.